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Your Membership in ECABC is your connection to the Electrical Industry's only Professional Association. We are your voice, representing the interests of electrical contractors and suppliers since 1952.

There are THREE STEPS to apply for your ECABC membership:

  1. Choose which type of ECABC membership best fits you and/or your company. Membership options include:
    1. union affiliated contractors
    2. open shop contractors
    3. manufacturers and distributors (Associate Membership)
  2. Complete the ECABC membership application form.
  3. Choose the chapter or chapters which will help you most. ECABC has three chapters: Vancouver, Central BC and Vancouver Island.

STEP 1: Choose which type of membership best fits you and/or your company:

We have three membership options: Union, Open Shop and Associate Membership. If your company is affiliated to IBEW or any other trade union you must apply for a Union membership. Open Shop Membership is for contractors have no affiliation with a trade union and Associate Membership is for manufacturers, suppliers and their agents, or other companies who provide goods and/or services to electrical contractors.

STEP 2: Complete the ECABC membership application form:

Complete the appropriate application form and send it to ECABC Membership Services.

ECABC Application Forms:

Your application form will be reviewed then approved for membership. Upon acceptance of your application your dues/fees must be paid in full within 30 days of invoice. Here is an outline of our fee structure:

ECABC Membership:

  • Union Shop (included in union agreement)
  • Open Shop ($785 and up see application)
  • Associate Member ($625)

See the applications listed above for additional information required to be sent with your application. (BC Work Safe and Bonding)

STEP 3: Choose a Chapter or Chapters:

ECABC Chapter membership helps you meet and network with other members in the area(s) of the province which will benefit you most. If you do business in the Vancouver lower mainland, then the Vancouver Chapter is right for you. Central BC Chapter members are located in towns and cities near Prince George and Vancouver Island members work in areas from Campbell River to Victoria. If your business covers all of BC we recommend membership in all three chapters. Chapter membership entitles you to attend dinner meetings free of charge where issues affecting our industry are discussed. Most meetings feature guest speakers. (Additional fees may apply to some events and special meetings.)

In addition you get regular opportunities to meet with fellow contractors and/or prospective clients at chapter meetings. You can also volunteer for a position on a chapter committee which puts you at the fore front of activities and issues facing our industry. The chapter level is where you benefit the most. Here are the Chapter's annual fees:

  • Vancouver: $450
  • Central BC: $325
  • Vancouver Island: $325
  • All three Chapters: $1000 (save $100)

Download the ECABC Chapter Membership application.

Complete your membership application today. If you have any questions please contact Member Services: memberservices@eca.bc.ca (604) 294-4123

Comments or Questions?

Please contact the ECABC Office. We'd be pleased to help.