Electrical Contractors Association of BC
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Membership FAQ's

  1. Who can join the ECABC? Answer

    Any licensed electrical contractor engaged in electrical work in the province of British Columbia, or any suppliers of goods and services to the electrical industry is welcome to apply for membership. The ECABC membership includes many of British Columbia's leading union affiliated and non-IBEW contractors, as well as many suppliers of quality goods and services to the electrical industry.

  2. What is the difference between ECABC membership and a chapter membership? Answer

    You must first be a member of the association to then become a chapter member. ECABC Chapters facilitate local industry meetings and social events. Chapter membership is for ECABC members who place an importance on local networking. The vast majority of ECABC members also belong to at least one ECABC Chapter.

  3. What are the benefits of joining the ECABC? Answer
  4. What kind of social events do the chapters host? Answer

    Golf Tournaments, Meet & Greet Receptions, Fishing Trips, Wine Tastings, Go-Kart Racing, Poker Nights, Holiday Parties

  5. Can I be a member of more than one chapter? Answer

    Yes. You can join one, two or all three! Regional chapters are fiscally separate from ECABC and have their own modest dues requirements.

  6. Who has already joined the ECABC? Answer

    Please refer to our Member Directory for a listing of ECABC members. With the Member Directory, you are able to view members by Chapter.

  7. Are chapter meetings open to non-members? Answer

    Guests by invitation are welcome to attend.

  8. What are the member expectations when part of the ECABC? Answer

    As a member, you are expected to abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of ECABC, to co-operate with the Association in all of its objectives to strengthen the electrical construction industry, and to pay dues annually or bi-annually as agreed.

  9. How do I apply for membership? Answer

    Please visit our Join Now page. You will be able to apply for membership online, or download the applicable registration form to fax.